SEE Result 2079 check with Marksheet :

The National Examination Board’s Examination Control Office in Sano Thimi, Kathmandu, has reached the final stages of releasing the results for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 2079. As the anticipation builds up, the Exam Control Office has made significant progress in preparing for the publication of the results.

Preparations and Announcement According to Exam Control official Bishnunarayan Shrestha, the necessary preparations, including data verification and result publication procedures, have been intensified. The completion of answer sheet evaluations and data entry marks a significant milestone. The final phase, which involves the registration process, is currently underway. The Exam Control Office expects to announce the SEE results within the next two days, following a board meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

Result Checking Methods To provide easy access to the SEE results, the Examination Control Office has introduced multiple methods for result checking. Candidates can view their results through the official website, SMS, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

  • Official Website: Candidates can visit the designated website for SEE result checking. On the website, they need to enter their examination roll number and date of birth to retrieve the result.
  • SMS Method: By sending an SMS with the format “SEE [roll number]” to the designated SMS number provided by the Examination Control Office, candidates can receive their SEE result via text message.
  • IVR System: Candidates can dial the specified IVR number and follow the instructions to input their examination roll number. The IVR system will announce the SEE result verbally.

Additional Information It is important to note that the exact result publication time may vary based on any potential technical issues. If no such issues arise, the result is likely to be published by today evening. However, if any technical problem occurs, the publication might be postponed until the following day.

For the publication of SEE results, 19 institutions have been authorized by the Examination Control Office. Out of these, 14 institutions offer result viewing services through their websites, while the remaining 5 provide the option of accessing results via SMS and IVR.

Conclusion As the National Examination Board prepares to unveil the SEE 2079 results, candidates can eagerly anticipate the outcome. With various result checking methods available, including the official website, SMS, and IVR, accessing the results will be convenient for all. Stay updated and follow the official instructions provided by the Examination Control Office to retrieve your SEE result promptly.

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