Class 12 Model Questions Computer Science

Computer Science
Model Question [2077 (2020)]
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as
practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Time: 1.30 hrs. Full Marks: 30
Group ‘A’
(Long answer questions)
Attempt any two questions. 2×7.5=15

  1. a) Explain if-else control structure with example. 3.5
    b) Define the terms inheritance and polymorphism. 2+2
  2. What is function ? Write the advantages of function. Differentiate between
    library and user-defined function with example. 1+2.5+4
  3. What is normalization write its advantages. Explain second and third normal
    form with example. 1.5+2+4
    Group ‘B’
    (Short answer questions)
    Attempt any three questions. 3×5=15
  4. Explain system analysis phase of SDLC. 5
  5. What is database model ? Explain relational model. 2+3
  6. Differentiate between bounded and unbounded transmission media. 5
  7. Write short note on: 2.5+2.5
    a) AI b) Router

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