Cricketer Sandip Lamichhane Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Rape, Coercion, and Victim Exploitation”

cricketer Sandip Lamichhane has been handed an 8-year prison sentence by Kathmandu District Court Judge Shishirraj Dhakal. The verdict was delivered on Wednesday, accompanied by a fine of 3 lakh to Lamichhane for the grave crime of rape, along with an additional 2 lakh to be paid as compensation to the victim.

The legal proceedings took a decisive turn on January 13th when Judge Dhakal’s Ijalas found Lamichhane guilty of coercion. Subsequently, the court determined the 8-year imprisonment and fine during the hearing on Wednesday.

The court’s judgment highlighted that Lamichhane exploited the vulnerable financial situation of the victim, coercing her to the point of contemplating suicide. This distressing revelation has sent shockwaves through the cricket community and beyond, as fans come to terms with the fall from grace of the once-prominent cricketer.

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