Exam Schedule: 3 Years B.Ed 2nd Year Routine-2077

Tribhuvan University Office of the Controller of Examination Balkhu publishes the examination routine of B.Ed 2nd Year.

Time:7:00-to 10:00

DateSubjects/Code No.
2078-01-05New Course M Educational Psychology MEd.-313Old CourseM Specialization iv Nepali/Math/Economics/History/Pol.Sc./HPED/Science iv /-Bio_,Animal Science,Plant Science/Pop.Ed.-304/Ed.Mgmt.-301-Edu.Administration_/English Ed.-390/-ELT Theories & Methods_/P.Ed.-390/ -Teaching Nepali,Teaching English _
2078-01-06Old CourseM Curriculum & Evaluation Ed. -303New CourseM Eco.Ed.-Economics of Development and Education/Eng.Ed-Expanding Horizon in English/Ed.Mgmt.-Educational Supervision/Hp.Ed.-Sport Science & Games/Hist Ed.-History of Modern Europe/Math Ed.-Real Analysis/g]kfnL lz=-g]kfnL sljtf / sfJo _/Pol.Sc.Ed.-International Politics and Enviornmental Relations/Pop.Ed.-Population & Enviornmental Education /Sc.Ed.Biology ii / Comp.Sc.Ed.-ICT.Ed._ Communication cyber law -322
2078-01-07New CourseM dd Curriculum & Evaluation Ed.-314Old Course Specializatio iii Eng./Nep./Math/Sci./Eco./Geo./Hist./Pol.Sc./H.P.E./Pop.Ed./Ped.Mgmt.-Material & Methods_-303Ed.Mgmt.-313-Education Dev.in Nepal_
2078-01-08Old CourseM Educational Psychology Ed.-302New CourseM Eco.Ed.-Government Finance,Financial Sys.& Int. Trade/Eng.Ed.-English for Communication/Ed.Mgmt-Education Administration/Geo.Ed.-Geography of Asia and Nepal/Hp.Ed.-Fundametals of Public Health/Hist Ed.-History of Modern India/Math Ed.-Geometry/ -g]kfnL lz=-g]kfnL syff / pkGof;_/Pol.Sc.Ed.- Government and Politics of Nepal/Pop.Ed.-Community and Reproductive Health/Comp.Sc.Ed. -ICT.Ed._-MIS,Data Structure and Recent Technologies/Sc.Ed.-PhysicsMi-321
2078-01-09New & Old CourseM NF.Ed.-301,321/ECD.Ed.-301,321
2078-01-10New & Old CourseM Bus.and govt.account/Ind.Ed.-303
2078-01-12New Course MEd.Mgmt.-323 Development Education in NepalOld CourseM Specialization vi Nepali/Math/Science/Economics/Geography/History/Pol.Sc./HPE./Pop.Ed.-390/Eng.Ed.-391-ELT_/PED-390-Social Studies Teaching Math in Primary Education_/Ed.Mgmt.-302-Ed.Supervision_
2078-01-13New CourseM Eco.Ed.-Methods of Teaching Economics Eng./Nep./Math/Sci./Eco./Geo./Hist./Pol.Sc./H.P.E./Pop.Ed./Ped.Mgmt.-Material & Methods_-303Ed.-313-Education Dev.in Nepal_Eng.Ed.-English Language Teaching Methods/Geo.Ed.-Methods of Teaching Geography/HP.Ed.-Teaching Health and Physical Education and School Health Program/Hist.Ed.-Methods of Teaching History/Math Ed.-Teaching Mathmatics/-g]kfnL lz=-g]kfnL efiff lzIf0f_/ Pol.Sc.Ed.- Methods of Taching Political Science_/Pop.Ed. -Methods of Teaching Population Education/ Sc.Ed.- Methods of Teaching Science at Secondary School/Comp.Sc.Ed.-Teaching ICT and Object Oriented Programing & Database -391
2078-01-14New & Old CourseM Business Edu./Ind.Edu.-390
2078-01-15New & Old CourseM NF.Ed.-302,322,/ECD.Ed.-302,322
2078-01-16New & Old CourseM Business Mgmt./Ind. Edu. -304

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