The Nightmare Life Without Fuel- Isac Asimov

Isac Asimov

The nightmare life without fuel is an imaginative essay which is written by isac Asimov who was born in Russia and lived in America. In this essay the writer has presented the problem of fuel or the crisis/lack of fuel. This essay is totally related with context of background of America.

According to the essay, the writer focuses or gives emphasis about the specific problem of fuel resources. The writer has indirectly indicated if we don’t care about consuming fuel. It create great problems and people may have to return the primitive days. The writer has also presented the advantages and the disadvantages of fuel crisis.

Due to the cause of the over population, industrialization development, urbanization and indiscriminate use of natural resources we can’t get the sufficient amount of fuel. At the time it will be difficult to run the industries and to use the transportation vehicles. At that moment we cant get clean drinking water and we can feel a bit fewer cold due to the cause of the less population. Most of the crime and criminal activities are related with vehicle and where there is no fuel at that time the crime will be certainly decreased. When there will is no fuel at that time the crime will be certainly decreased. When there will be peace at that time policeman can return back to their beat  camp. People start consuming less fuel only in major important works. Human labor and animals are used in place of machines.

On the other hand there are many disadvantages of fuel of fuel crisis  people can’t producer different type of crops at that time the problem of starvation will be raised. People can’t get proper balanced diet as well as nutritious food. At that time we have to face the problem of high infant mortality rate. People have to face the problem of different kinds of diseases. When there are no machines people will return back to 18th century. When there are no mechines people will return back to 18th century. It will be too difficult to regulate the life. Different types of disease lead the people up to death.

Thus the writer imagines a kind of particular situation of fuel crisis an he presents his views about the situation.

Short question

Describe what does the writer think what will happen in the future ?

Describe what the writer think will happen when the fuel begins to run out?

What will happen if we don’t conserve the world natural resources ?

Is we don’t conserve the world natural resources, all people will have many problems. There will be shortage lack to many things including fuels. Due to the lack of fuel in work places industries machines will be replaced by the human muscles and animals. There will be less tv fewer books will be printed there will be shortage of building materials. Only few rich people can buy car and use those car due to the cause of lack of fuel and expensiveness of fuel. If they use the car, people who do not use might attack them. Armies may return to their beat camp. People will die of hunger. High maternal infant death rate will be increased due to the cause of the malnutrition. People may have to return back to the primitive ages.

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