Two Long-Term Problems: Too Many People, Two Few Trees

Too many people too few trees

The essay two long terms problems. Two many people, too few trees is written by the interdisciplinary writer   Moti nissani. It deals with the twins problem of overpopulation and deforestation in Nepalese context .the writer is worried about the fact that over population will have bad impact to the natural world. To produce more food for more people,  the trees will be cut down and forests will be cultivated. Moreover the growing population will pollutes the river, lakes, air drinking water , soil and the whole natural world. Such environments pollution will cause diffret kind of disease such as cancer, asthma, and respiratory disease. Over population causes deforestation will cause floods, landsides, soil erosion, droughts, green house effect and the loss of various species os plants , birds and animal.

Nissani presents the realistic pictures of Nepal. In 151 there were 9 million people in Nepal. After less then 50 years, the population grew to 23/30 million. As an average Neplese women give birth to five children, Nepal population growth rate is high. Is this high rate continues,  Nissani says that Nepal’s population will reach 368 million after 140  years. If such overpopulation is not checked , Nepal will have to face various devasting problems in the near future.

In this essay Moti nissani encourage us to protect trees for the future generation. He has recommended few steps from where we can prevent chopping down of the trees and restore healthy atmosphere. We need wisdom, courage and compassion to control the problem of overpopulation and deforestation. We can control deforestation by controlling population and deforestation by controlling population and by educating them about the bad impacts of  deforestation. We can solve this problem by a forestation an d using smokeless stove, effective family planning is the main remedy of controlling over population. People should be encouraged to plant trees and they should be discouraged to cut trees.  Conducting the essay : Nissani stresses that we should have willingness and passion to rescue population and plants trees which will help us to live healthier and our future will also be bright and safe.

Two Long-Term Problems: Too Many People, Two Few Trees Important question & Answer

What are the causes, consequences and curse of overpopulation and deforestation.

The long term problem are overpopulation and deforestation. These two problem are even linked to each other, the population of the world is growing very rapidly . every hour we added 10000 people to our number. And every year the world’s population grow by ore then 80 millions. The cause of over population are modern medicine, child marriage , social culture values , nutrition, sanitation etc.  deforestation is the cause of over population.

The overpopulation and deforestation have very bad consequences on earth. the growing population is clearing the forest for farmland timbers and other purposes. the environment has been polluted. Many types of plants and animals are disappearing. the entire fisheries  are collapsing gradually. Many  kinds of disease like cancer asthma are appearing. We are facing the problem like soil erosion global warming , acid rain, ozone layer depletion drought and so on. we are surrounded by sign of global environmental decline. This has created or great problem for all human beings.

To cure this problems, we have to save the remaining pressed by controlling the population in appetites. Everyone  should be consequence about environment and ecological changes. People  should be given good education on population problem and deforestation. To  control over population people should be encouraged for family planning in the government should invest a lot of money on it. We  should plant trees on and uses land like a river, banks on the side of the highway and so on. The government should add extra tax on wooden furniture we should motivate people to use smokeless Chulo with decreased smoke and it needs less firewood. In this way if we control overpopulation and make strict law against deforestation the forest as well as all environment will be automatically saved.

How can we say forest/deforestation?

 Wish  we did as awareness on the importance of forest.

 People  should be given education.

 Government  should be e should make stick law against deforestation.

 Alternative  source of energy should be used.

 Concept  of community forest should be brought in practice.

 By  planting different kind of trees.

 By  involving the people participation in order to preserve the forest

By  controlling the overpopulation

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